It Lives!

Castagraf was an online poetry magazine that ran for six issues back in roughly 2000-2003. At some point I forgot to renew the domain name and some domain squatting bastard swiped it. Said bastard still controls (grrr), but I managed to get .net back and decided, because much of what we published was frankly, awesome, to put the old issues back online.

Without further ado, here are the old issues of Castagraf:

There are also PDFs for the first four issues. The design is not preserved, but they're considerably easier to read :-).

Backstory & FAQ

A few things to keep in mind: we were, at the time, quite enamored with Flash which, ironically, now drives us crazy. So yes, all the issues are Flash movies. Sorry, that's how it was. Back in those days CSS 2 was just getting off the ground. Web browsers sucked at CSS. We were perfectionists about layout and typography so we used Flash for pixel-perfect results. A thousand apologies.

Castagraf was founded by me, the editorish person as I chose to call myself at the time. But none of this would never have been possible without Laura Solomon, who served as editor and put in the endless, and largely thankless, effort of tracking down the poems and stories you see here.

I like the writing, where can I find more by these authors?

Many of the authors published in castagraf were at the time otherwise unpublished. We're very happy to say that many of them have since put out some excellent books and albums. Try plugging their names into Amazon or Google. In most cases, you'll find links to their books. Sadly, so far as we know, one of our favorite bits, The Whalebone Essays, which spanned four issues of Castagraf, have never been gathered up and published separately.

Why did you stop?

Quite frankly because Castagraf stopped being fun and became a whole lot of work. And then, just when we had decided we couldn't keep going, the bastard mentioned above snatched up the domain name. That pretty much put an end to it.

Are you going to bring it back?

No. Castagraf was what it was and we're proud of it, but it will remain in the past.